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Solarpunk is a growing movement focused on creating a sustainable environment, freedom and equality for all. What does a sustainable civilization look like, and how can we get there? 


Design the Future We Choose to Experience

If your rendering of the future has no people in it, what’s the point? Solarpunk aims to bring about the future we know that we’re capable of. One where technology and nature work in balance, where renewable energy powers our cities, community supported agriculture meet the needs of the community and distributed and open source technologies evolve it.

Envisioning the Future

We Want to Bring About

We are in the business of imagining the future. The Solarpunk movement begins with “infrastructure as a form of resistance”.

Solarpunks resist the present by imagining a future that requires
radical societal change.

Renewable energies, solar power, rainwater harvesting, community supported agriculture, decentralized technologies and more all fit into the framework — though never uncritically.


A love for life and a desire for self-directedness (autonomy) and self-fulfilment (eudaemonia) for all living beings.


A critical and intellectual attitude towards solving problems and overturning the rigidities of established dogmas. The ethos of science and rationalism.


A caring and cooperative approach to cultivating empathy and kindness in oneself – and solidarity, equality, and mutual aid in society as a whole.

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